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Poikkal Kuthirai - Its tamil Cultural act, Horse with fake legs. Poikkal Kuthirai is a dummy horse show. which the dancer puts on the dummy figure of a horse on his-her hips. This folk dance needs a lot of training and skill. The dummy is made of Paper,wood ands cloth at the sides of the dummy swings to and fro covering the legs of the dancer. The dancer has to don wooden legs so that the legs look like the hooves of the horse. While performing the dance, the dancer brandishes either a sword or a whip.The show is performed by men as well as women. The main attraction is the richly decorated cardboard horse.

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Bharatha kali koodam is very famous Cultural Centre in Chennai Tamilnadu. we are the group of traditional artists lead by Guru John Milton. we teach the cultural act,it's like a Koothupattarai. Bharatha kali koodam teach Bharatanatyam, silambattam,poikkal kuthirai,sivannattam,thappattam,chenada melam,Nadhaswaram,oyilattam Puliyattam,Hip Hop and cinematic dance, The bharatha kali koodam has successfully trained thousands of students over the years in cultural act forms. and has a track record of creating numerous successful cultural programs.

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